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Ain’t No Party Like a Mario Party


Its time to play the music, its time to light the lights, its time to get things started with a Mario Party tonight. Before we throw this Mario Party, how awesome are the Muppets? Any way, who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Mario Party? You bust out four controllers, gather around the TV, and prepare to lose friendships over mini games. If you aren’t prepared to lose friendships over this game, then you’re not playing right. I always end up losing because of those stupid mystery box stars. Oh, you pop up for Luigi, but when Yoshi gets a mystery box all he get is a skeleton key! Racists. If you wanna be the best at Mario Party, you have to play for keeps! There’s just something special about the first three games, but in my opinion three is the best.

This games one player mode, but to be honest, no one wants to party alone. That’s just sad. So there’s not much to say about that. Its a Mario Party game against the computers…so much fun.  Its like playing with an imaginary friend and also just as saddening. So pay with some friends, because when ya get mad at the TV you can’t punch it or else you’ll get glass in your hand. There’s not much to say about the maps, they’re fun and different from the other games. Each one has a different theme and little surprises in it. Just when look out for bonus stars, those are the things that will straight up end a friendship.

What makes this game so great are the mini games, themselves. The mini games are great in this game. They’re so good, that fights break out when you lose at them. Why does that make the games good? Because who doesn’t want to fight your smug friends, Ray deserves a punch in the face, even if he does know Kung Fu. There are just some great games here. For the best time and possible a fist fight, try this Mario Party Play list. This isn’t a top ten list or anything like that. These are just the games that guarantee a good time.

  • Bounce ‘n’ Trounce: Bouncin around at the speed of sound, knocking people off blocks and FOLLOW MY RAINBOW. Sorry I got stuck in Sonic Adventure 2 for a second. Any way you try to knock each other off by bouncing and spinning, while at the same time the blocks your on fall.
  • Chip Shot Challenge: Like Mario Golf? Well this is like that, just one hole…yeah its fun.


  • Frigid Bridges: This one is a nail bighter. You have to carry a block of ice across an ice bridge so that you can get on to an island. The paths are really thin, it is super easy to fall off. It gets intense. For game play click here.
  • Ice Rink Risk: This is one of the old Mario Party classics of try and screw over you’re friends. There is a spiked turtle shell twirling around on the and you can jump on other players heads to make them lose. More shells are added as you go, so its quick and fun, but above all you get to jump on your friends heads.

Ice rink

  • Picture Imperfect: Match pieces of a Mario characters face that are shuffling at random. Who ever gets the most right to the picture wins. Yeah.
  • Pipe Cleaners: Its like whack a mole, with baby Bowser. Smacking a baby on the head, fun! Smacking the son of your mortal enemy, even better! Whack his head as he pops and the one who hits the most wins.
  • Snowball Summit: This one is a personal favorite. So here’s the scenario  you and your buddies are dropped on top of a mountain and are told the last player on top of the mountain will receive ten coins. What do you do? Obviously, you knock your friends off by throwing snowballs at them!

Freezy peaks

  • Toadstool Titan: Break blocks to find a mushroom, grab the mushroom, turn into a giant, run over other players. Awesome.
  • Treadmill Grill: This game is one of the best on the list. It just has a lot of depth to it. So first all the players are on these treadmills  that are surrounded by fire on all sides. The treadmills change directions and also shrink. To add more challenge you can punch and jump on your opponents.


  • Boulder Ball: One guy trowing rocks down a hill, three guys trying to make it up the hill, without being hit. It gets intense.
  • Tidal Toss: Its like jump rope with waves…yeah.
  • Eatsa Pizza: love eating pizza? How about eating a gaint fake pizza? Well this game is the one for you!
  • Etch ‘n’ Catch: This one can actually get really annoying if you get a bad partner. You have to draw a circle around a star, the part that makes it a challenge is that you have to connect your line, with your teammates line.
  • Log Jam: Chopin wood requires team work and matching buttons. Who ever cuts the most wood wins. FIGHT!
  • Pump, Pump and Away: Pump up a rocket and launch it. Its fun, trust me.
  • All Fired Up: Now we are at the good ones. The battle mini games are intense and all fired up might be the most intense. You have to jump different strands of fire. The change shape and movement. You can jump on your opponents, but you better watch out, the fire gets unpredictable. Want game play, click here.

all fured up

  • Eye Sore: This one is pretty simple, run around an eye ball, while dodging fire. The eye gets smaller as you run around the more laps you make around it. Its pretty fun.
  • Locked Out: Ok locked out might be my favorite. This mini game is fun every time  you have to grab the right kind of key, to unlock the doors. There are only a certain number of keys, so its a brawl for them. My cousin could never win at this one, he would have us play it over and over, because he thought he could win. It was pretty funny.


  • Merry-Go-Chomp: I know that this one is all luck. However, I find it really fun, its like playing Russian roulette, without a gun.

So yeah its a pretty long list… what ever. If you stuck with me this far ya might as well answer the poll at the bottom. Thanks for reading this overly long list.


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